Birthday Promotion 生日優惠

Dear August Babies, with your HKID number you may enjoy the exclusive offers!  Wishing you Happy Birthday & a happy year ahead! 
* * *
With double 8 on your HKID number, or Aug 8th is your birthday! 
身份證號碼有兩個八字, 或你的生日是在8月8日
* * *
BUY ONE, GET 2ND 50% OFF!! 買一第二件半價
With Single 8 on your HKID number, or your birthday in August.
身份證號碼有一個八字, 或你的生日月份是在八月
* * * 
Earn Bonus Reward Points!!
+1X for very “8” on your HK mobile number.
eg: “1689” earn 2X reward points, “8888” earn 5X reward points.

* * * 


1. Place order on website.  Select payment options FPS or Bank Transfer. 可到網站下訂單。選擇付款方式FPS或銀行轉帳。

2. Send us a WhatsApp message [+852-9097-1689] with your order ID number and a copy of the HKID. 發送WhatsApp信息 提供order ID身份證副本。只需要顯示姓名和生日。

*We will acknowledge your order through WhatsApp. 我們將通過WhatsApp確認您的訂單。

* * * 

Terms & Conditions:

1. To enjoy the promotional offer, HKID verification is needed.  Send a photo of your HKID card with name and HKID number (can cover the non-8 numbers and your photo) and your birthday. ID name must be the  same as the purchaser.

為了享受促銷優惠,請出示您的香港身份證。發送身份證照片帶有姓名和身份證號碼(可以覆蓋非8位數字和您的照片)和生日日期。 HKID名稱必須是購買者。

2. Can only redeem this promotion once with the purchase of one gift item,  maximum purchase of 4 boxes. 

優惠只能使用一次 。只能選擇購買一款禮物,最多買4盒。

3. For personalised mooncake service, a choice of one Chinese surname or English Monogram which is listed on our selection chart.  Custom made moulds are not included.

個性化月餅服務, 可選一款百家姓或英文子母。不包括定制模具。

4. Complimentary SF local courier for purchases over $500.

訂單滿$ 500免費本地順豐送貸。

5. Purchase item and discounted item must be the same.  While stock last!  If the item is not available, we will replace the same or lower valued item.


6. Payment must be settled by FPS or Bank Transfer. 


7. Redemption and/or Bonus Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with Birthday promotional offers.