[MOONCAKE 月餅 x COCKTAIL 雞尾酒] MAHJONG MOONCAKE deluxe tasting set . 麻雀豪華品嚐套裝
[MOONCAKE 月餅 x COCKTAIL 雞尾酒] MAHJONG MOONCAKE deluxe tasting set . 麻雀豪華品嚐套裝
Light-up wooden gift card with engraving service
[MOONCAKE 月餅 x COCKTAIL 雞尾酒] MAHJONG MOONCAKE deluxe tasting set . 麻雀豪華品嚐套裝

[MOONCAKE 月餅 x COCKTAIL 雞尾酒] MAHJONG MOONCAKE deluxe tasting set . 麻雀豪華品嚐套裝

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Gift Set includes 禮品包括:  

1. ANTIQUE Mahjong tile artisan mooncake 麻雀手工月餅, 50克g 3pcs件;

Option: A choice of a set of triplet, either "Pong" (3 tiles the same) or "Chow" (3 tiles in sequence).  

You may also choose one graphic from the SUITS collection. Each tile has it's designated flavour. 您可以 選擇一簡牌 (筒子,索子 或 萬子) ; "碰牌" (三隻一樣) 或 "上牌" (三隻順序) 每款麻雀月餅有預設口味 

Note: Follow the rules of Cantonese Mahjong. 遵守廣東麻雀規則

Note: Personalised service will not be available for this set.  個人化服務不適用於這份禮盒。

Mooncake flavours will be announce in mid-July.  月餅口味將於7月中公佈。

2. Cocktail in a bottle 瓶子雞尾酒: cocktail flavour specially designed to match the flavour of the mooncake 專為配合月餅口味而設計的雞尾酒口味, two 兩瓶 100ml毫升  in glass bottle 玻璃瓶;

Cocktail flavours will be announce in July.  雞尾酒口味將於7月公佈。

3. Chocolate golden coin 巧克力金幣, 2pcs 件;

4. KOLLECTIBLES DESIGN Lotus theme wooden keepsake wooden box with movable shiny golden Mahjong tiles.  The decorative box cover is a festive card, which engraving service will be included (handwritten with limitations), 1 set. 

特別設計蓮花 圖案製紀念品盒,帶有金色閃亮麻將 裝飾盒蓋是一張節日賀卡,包括雕刻名字服務 (手寫刻有限制)一套。

Packaging 包裝:

Packed in a natural finish paulownia wooden gift box 原色桐木盒, approximate size 大致尺寸 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 8cm。

Fabric Gift bag will be available upon request.  可要求提供帆布禮品袋。

Complimentary Service 免費服務:

<CF> MOONCAKE FLAVOUR:  Your choice of mooncake flavours.  Mooncake flavours will be announce in mid-July.  可自選月餅口味。口味將於7月中公佈。

<CS> SHIPPING: Local Hong Kong shipping by SF is included for regular price purchase over $400.  購物滿$400正價貨品包本地香港順豐郵寄。

<DD> DELIVERY: Delivery service will be included within HK-Island or Yau Tsim Mong area for regular price purchase over $1,800.  原價購物滿$1,800將包括送貨服務到港島或油尖旺地區。

<CB> GIFT BAG: Special designed reusable gift bag made by canvas or felt. 由帆布或毛氈製成的特別設計的禮品袋。 

*LIMITED QUANTITY數量有限!!  While stock last送完即止!

Additional Service (additional cost apply) 附加服務 ( 額外費用):

<PM> PERSONALISED MOONCAKE: Custom order ONE choice per gift box; a Chinese Surname or an English Monogram.  每個禮盒可選一款特別訂做個人化月餅,百家姓或英文字母。 Deadline: July 15th, 7月15號截止。

<TM> TAILORED MOONCAKE: Kindly send us details for quotation. 特別訂做月餅,請聯絡我們 報價。Deadline: June 30th, 6月30號截止。 

<CP> CORPORATE: Custom Design Packagings, Tailored design gifting experience, etc...  公司客戶: 我們可以提供禮品設計服務迎合公司形象。Deadline: June 15th, 6月15號截止。

<DD> DELIVERY: Delivery will be charge for areas not within our designated zone, and/or purchase does not meet our complimentary requirements. 送貨不在定區域內,和/或購買不符合免費送貨將收取送貨費用。


Food Manufacturer 食品製造商:

ANTIQUE - Hong Kong Food Factory license no. 2911156355 in 2005.

*All mooncakes are handmade and freshly baked in Hong Kong licensed Food Factory, made according to your order.  It is recommended to keep refrigerated.  Expiration date printed on the packaging.  因應顧客的訂單,月餅是在香港手做及新鮮烤焗。建議冷藏保存。包裝上印有到期日期。



Product Available Date: starting August 25th, 2022. 

FESTIVE GIFTS & HAMPERS:  Due to unforeseen circumstances or in the event of supply difficulties, it is necessary to substitute a product without prior notice.  The product will be of equal or greater value than that which it replaces, at no extra cost to you.

*Photos are for reference only!  Items are subject to change due to availability.

Mahjong brings happiness and joy to many households in Hong Kong and around the world.  Many of you may play this game during festive seasons and celebrations with your family and friends.  ANTIQUE brought traditional culture and festive celebrations together, creating this unique Hong Kong themed Mahjong mooncake gift sets.  Allowing one to pick their own winning hand and favourite triplets.  Sharing your luck, care and happiness with your loved ones. 
This deluxe collection comes with lotus themed keepsake wooden box with movable shiny Mahjong charms and a little surprise!  
The limited Mahjong series has 36 different tiles.  Each Mahjong tile in the series has its own flavour. 
Oh!  Don't forget you need chips to play the game!  All gift sets will come with chocolate golden coins!  Now you are ready to play the game!!
Enjoy & have fun!