Artisan Mooncake & Abalone Duo Set 手工月餅鮑魚禮盒
Artisan Mooncake & Abalone Duo Set 手工月餅鮑魚禮盒
Artisan Mooncake & Abalone Duo Set 手工月餅鮑魚禮盒
Artisan Mooncake & Abalone Duo Set 手工月餅鮑魚禮盒

Artisan Mooncake & Abalone Duo Set 手工月餅鮑魚禮盒

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Gift Set includes 禮品包括:

1. ANTIQUE Braised Wild Australian F1 Abalone 一頭澳洲紅燒野生鮑魚, a can 一罐;

2. ANTIQUE Wild Australian F1 Green Lip Abalone 一頭澳洲野生青邊鮑魚, a can 一罐;

3. ANTIQUE Artisan Mooncake 手工月餅 100g , 2pcs 個;

4. THEODOR PARIS flavoured loose tea 法國品牌茶葉, 10g in tin;

5. Abalone Recipe Booket 鮑魚食譜, 一本.

Packaging 包裝:

Weaved bamboo box 25cm x 17.5cm x 8cm wrapped with furoshiki & decorated with festive ornament 竹織盒用雙色布料方巾包起.

Complimentary Service 免費服務:

<C1> MOONCAKE FLAVOUR: Choose your own mooncake flavour from our premium & seasonal mooncake collection.  Flavour selection available starting August 1st.  81號開始可選擇月餅味道。

<C2> DELIVERY: Door-to-door delivery within Hong Kong Island & Kowloon area. 港島區及九龍區上門送貨服務。

*All subject to availability.

Additional Service (additional cost apply) 附加服務 ( 額外費用):

<PM> PERSONALISED MOONCAKE: with ONE choice of a Chinese Surname or an English Monogram per gift box.  每個禮盒可選一款個人化月餅,百家姓或英文字母。 

<TM> TAILORED DESIGN MOONCAKE: Kindly send us details for quotation. Deadline: July 31st.  特別訂做月餅圖案報價請聯絡我們, 7月31號截止。 

<CP> CORPORATE: Custom Design Packagings, Tailored design gifting experience, etc...  公司客戶: 我們可以提供禮品設計服務迎合公司形象。

Food Manufacturer 食品製造商:

ANTIQUE - Hong Kong Food Factory license no. 2911156355

*All mooncakes are handmade and freshly baked in Hong Kong licensed Food Factory, made according to your order.  It is recommended to keep refrigerated.  Expiration date printed on the packaging.  因應顧客的訂單,月餅是在香港手做及新鮮烤焗。建議冷藏保存。包裝上印有到期日期。



Product Available Date starting from September 6th, 2021. 

FESTIVE GIFTS & HAMPERS:  Due to unforeseen circumstances or in the event of supply difficulties, it is necessary to substitute a product without prior notice.  The product will be of equal or greater value than that which it replaces, at no extra cost to you.

*Photos are for reference only!  Items are subject to change due to availability.